Social corporate responsibility

Importación y Comercialización de equipos e insumos médicos, veterinarios y de laboratorio para soluciones integrales.

The pet market and the veterinary medicine are gradually expanding and are becoming an important issue in society in recent years, as there is a link between animal and human populations particularly close in developing regions like ours.

Veterinary professionals need to be able to make professional judgements based on sound evidence, as well as be prepared to justify the decisions they make affecting their individual patients, animal groups, populations of animals and clients (animals’ owners).

At CEDI Latam, we continuously take account of the possible impact of our technologies and services beyond the immediate veterinary workplace, e.g., on public health, the environment and society more generally.

That’s why in meeting veterinary needs, our manufacturer suppliers, subcontractors, employees, and affiliates provide products, services, solutions, and technologies that take globalization (animals, people, diseases) and social added value into account.

Our crosscutting premises are:

  1. Sustainability: Promoting sustainability within the veterinary medical profession (One health, One well-being)
  2. Ethics: Understand and support the ethical responsibilities of veterinary professionals in relation to patients, clients, society, and the environment:
    • Professional ethics (specific to the discipline)
    • Environmental ethics (relationship between humans, animals, and the environment): Human health inextricably linked to animal health and production.