HYDRO PHYSIO is a range of leading canine hydrotherapy treadmills, organized and developed by market leaders.

Canine Hydrotherapy

HYDRO PHYSIO is a range of leading canine hydrotherapy treadmills, designed and developed by a company with over 40 years of Initia experience in manufacturing market leading products.

The best professional veterinary aid in the science of hydrotherapy, HYDRO PHYSIO underwater treadmills help well-trained therapists work with a high level of animal welfare. Focusing on effective recovery coupled with many unique features has made these dog treadmills the market leader. The first choice for veterinary surgeries and rehabilitation facilities around the world.

Hydro physio

Features and benefits

Walk through design with patented twin opening doors
Precise adjustment of system settings. Water depth, speed and temperature
360° viewing angle, offers an airy feel for the patient and ease of analysis for the therapist
Side platforms allow the therapist to work with each dog within the treadmill.
Essential interaction for advanced hydrotherapy
Fast fill and empty times of heated and treated recycled water.
Easy maintenance

Multiple beneficios

Postoperative orthopedic rehabilitation.
Support movement for elderly patients
Recovery from neurological injuries
Weight loss programs
Gait and posture correction
Psychological well-being
Pain management

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