ASA laser is the international benchmark in laser therapy and magnetotherapy for non-invasive and painless therapy and rehabilitation.

Laser Therapy Mphi Vet Orange

The Orange Vet range is the natural progression of the VETt range, whose characteristics have been enhanced and reinforced with new intensity.

Maximum power of 75 W and average power of up to 1.2 W, this is the additional value of Mphi Vet Orange, the new MLS laser therapeutic device * ASA laser research product.

The qualities already present in Mphi Vet, ease of use and portability now turn orange to achieve new goals. The new levels of maximum power and average power are used to the maximum thanks to the synchronization of the emissions (continuous/frequency and pulsed), which allows them to reach the deepest part of the tissues and guarantee total safety.

It acts on the pain in a more immediate way, improving the photomechanical effect, accelerating the anti-edema effect, and promoting the activation of cell repair processes even easier.

The specific software, with predefined protocols for the treatment of cats, dogs, horses, and exotic animals, allows you to modify the parameters to configure the treatment modes for increasingly personalized veterinary treatment.

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