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VETSCAN® – HD Microscope

The VETSCAN microscope is the only true multimode microscope in the industry. Multi-Mode – This dynamic system can be used for multiple tasks in your clinic. These features include:

  • A laboratory microscope to read all the slides.
  • A consulting and revenue generation imaging system for use in client consultations.
  • A digital capture system to document microcopy images and import into patient files.
  • A real-time imaging system that allows pathology consultations and second opinions.
Microscopio HD

Features and benefits

The trinocular eye tube houses the high definition imaging system to create a full screen digital experience or full screen led illumination. The super bright white LED and enhanced color correction provide stunning high resolution images that can be digitally captured and archived for practice and patient files.
Laboratory Grade Optics: Infinity PLAN Achromat objectives enhance image quality and sharp edge-to-edge focus.
Innovative Design: Adjustable tension and coaxial course focus stop, and fine focus controls protect objectives and live HD video displays.
The high-resolution megapixel color camera provides uncompressed 1080p 60fps video for seamless viewing, recording or live streaming.
Highly adjustable exposure time and gain value make the VETSCAN HD microscope optimal for fluorescent imaging.

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