Abaxis covers more than 90% of the general chemical analyzes commonly used in medical and veterinary diagnostics.

VETSCAN® VS2 – Biochemistry Analyzer

The VETSCAN VS2 is a state-of-the-art blood gas, electrolyte and chemistry analyzer that provides unparalleled accuracy with just two drops of blood, serum, or plasma without the need for centrifugation. The VETSCAN VS2 is surprisingly simple and innovative, offers complete pathology analysis through specialized dry chemistry profiles, provides results in 12 minutes for up to 99 species and stores up to 5,000 records, lightweight, small, and portable. It is virtually maintenance free which makes it ideal for veterinary clinics, mobile medical research laboratories, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

VETSCAN® VS2 - Analizador de Bioquímica

Features and benefits

Ease of use, it has an expansive and unique menu.
Reduce training time and increase employee compliance for its use. 
Perform electrolyte analyte and chemistry tests on a single panel and access specialized tests including T4, bile acids, TCO2 and phenobarbital on one analyzer. 
Intelligent Quality Control (iQC) Worry no more about running controls and calibrations as iQC controls the analyzer, rotor, and sample before and/or during each run to ensure reliable results. 
Little or no maintenance. 
Save time and costs, as well as increase employee compliance for your use. 
Detects sample interference: hemolysis, lipemia and jaundice 
Diagnose and treat patients with confidence, as analyte results are suppressed if affected by >10% interference and receive useful information on sample integrity and handling. 

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