Abaxis covers more than 90% of the general chemical analyzes commonly used in medical and veterinary diagnostics.

VETSCAN® VSPRO – ON-SITE Specialty analyzer

The VSpro is a specialty analyzer that offers coagulation and fibrinogen testing. Delivering accuracy from a small sample size, with an amazingly simple and intuitive user interface, the VSpro is ideal for veterinary practices, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Features and benefits

Rapid turnaround time: Results available on-site, in minutes – obtain a diagnosis and begin treatment sooner
Easy-to-use: Minimal hands-on time, intuitive user interface
Small sample size (<100μL): Less blood needed from patient, decreased stress*
Low maintenance: Self-contained analyzer with disposable cartridges. Yearly calibration required for Fibrinogen Testing, only.
Fast response for each sample – Run nearly 20 samples per hour in 5-part mode.
Connectivity: Connect to Practice Information Management Systems and experience bi-directional connectivity with the VETSCAN FUSE

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