Abaxis covers more than 90% of the general chemical analyzes commonly used in medical and veterinary diagnostics.

VETSCAN® UA Urine – Urine Analyzer

The VETSCAN UA is a portable urine analyzer that offers reproducible urine chemistry detection, with special VETSCAN LIT analytes for renal pathologies and diabetes, portable, dependable, and cost-effective, makes urinalysis chemical tests even easier. It is the start of a complete Abaxis solution for your in-clinic urinalysis needs.

Analizador de Orina
Analizador de Orina
Analizador de Orina
Analizador de Orina

Features and benefits

Easy to use.
Touch screen.
Highly quantitative and semi-quantitative urine chemistry results.
Efficient capture and automatically report strip results.
Easy-to-read results View on screen or easily print on a hand-sized printer.
Fast: Only 1 minute per strip Unique Diagnostic Includes Urine Protein: Creatinine Ratio (UPC) and Micro Albumin.

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